Projector for the trains of today and tomorrow

In 15 years we have gathered more than 400 years' train experience and we would like to share this! Project and concept development have always been an integral part of our DNA, then came the train aspects and later service and now also support. We take one step at a time, but are always in constant movement.

Train parts

projector has large spare parts stocks for the train industry.

We have specifications and can supply 36,124 item numbers, which we stock a small portion of. This requires a comprehensive supplier network, which currently consists of more than 450 suppliers spread around the world but mainly in Denmark, the UK and Germany as well as Italy, Turkey and China.

We know that modern trains are built of standard components which are included in a large number of other constructions. Since a train has a lifetime of at least 30 years, this often means that replacement components need to be found through the train’s lifetime as original components are often discontinued over time. Therefore, we have specialised in the substitution of components that do not only focus on a replacement component but also on an optimised component or solution.

The fastest route to the world’s train parts is via Randers!