About Projector

Who is Projector?

At Projector we know what is worth knowing about trains and train operation. We were actually born of the industry and on the whole, we have more than 400 years’ experience in ensuring that our customers’ trains and business keep on track. Our customers are international train factories, major operators and major maintainers and they are currently mainly in the Nordic countries, Europe and in the Middle East.

We are both a production and development company and work within many different fields such as wood, metal, electricity, electronics, construction, documentation, etc. In general, we are engaged in four main areas:

  • Projects
  • Service
  • Train parts
  • Support

Everything we do is about adding value to our customers through innovative thinking, knowledge, competence and long-time experience. At the same time, we do our work with orderliness, high quality throughout the value chain and with first class service. Whether the task concerns the development of new innovative solutions (e.g. our axle protector), renovating and servicing train material, developing and constructing train interiors or the day-to-day sale of spare parts, our first priority is the customer and their needs. We can do it all. We say “yes” and rarely “no” and if the solution does not already exist, we develop it together!

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