Projector for the trains of today and tomorrow

In 15 years we have gathered more than 400 years' train experience and we would like to share this! Project and concept development have always been an integral part of our DNA, then came the train aspects and later service and now also support. We take one step at a time, but are always in constant movement.

Case 1

Axle protector

In cooperation with DSB, projector has developed an axle protector for train axles, which are currently fitted on a large number of DBS’s trains. The axle protector protects the axle against thrown-up pebbles and other foreign objects. Thrown-up pebbles are a known cause of cracks and corrosion, which in worse case can result in axle breakage.

The axle protector is not only a safety precaution, but also a precaution that minimises the maintenance costs on subsequent maintenance.

Avoid over-spending and over-reaching!

Case 2

Water tank

With the starting point in an existing water tank for the IC3/IR4 train, projector updated this in regard to both documentation and production process so it now complies with applicable welding requirements in EN 15085-2.

In the approval process, projector carried out the strength calculation “welding performance class”, verification of discolouration and welding documentation pursuant to EN 15085-2.

Don’t cross the stream to get the water!

Case 3


projector assembles and fits windows for several different types of train. Windows are produced in accordance with customer-specific requirements and processes. We have facilities available that comply with the requirements for working with special products which, among other things, are used for the fitting of windows panes. We also have specially trained personnel who, over many years have gained much experience in these processes so that we deliver high quality.

Case 4

Spare parts

projector produces and delivers a large number of spare parts for trains. Over many years we have developed significant competencies within the production of spare parts; mechanical, electrical and welded parts as well as interiors where the main elements may be floors, ceilings, walls, aprons and bottom hatches. Many of our products are a re-design of existing products which require improvement or sub-components that are no longer produced or where alternative solutions need to be found.

The pleasure of a low price is quickly suppressed by poor quality!