Projector for the trains of today and tomorrow

In 15 years we have gathered more than 400 years' train experience and we would like to share this! Project and concept development have always been an integral part of our DNA, then came the train aspects and later service and now also support. We take one step at a time, but are always in constant movement.

Inspection and testing

projector offers to perform inspection, testing and supervision tasks. We have a staff of trained inspectors on whom we can draw.

For us it is important that the inspection task contributes to raising the delivered quality and we place great importance on dialogue taking place between the customer and supplier. When the inspection and supervision task is performed in close dialogue, it will also give the best results.

projector delivers a documented report, which contains text, photos and video if agreed and the report is discussed with all those involved. We ensure that all relevant documents are completed and delivered. We can be part of the work to define SAT and FAT testing as well as verify the execution of the test.

projector can also be part of the clarifying process in the event of accidents, including examination of safety documentation and emergency clarification of operation incidents. Audit of the customer or the customer’s supplier where we have insight into relevant safety documentation, including mandatory training and certificates.

projector performs inspection, testing and supervision within five main areas:

  • Acquisition of trains
  • Renovation and damage projects where internal inspection, supervision, external inspection and final testing are performed
  • Condition evaluation for the handing-over procedure to a new operator or maintenance entity as well as in connection with the tender process
  • Claims assessment in insurance cases in the event of participation in tendering
  • Maintenance supervision ensures that authority and contractual requirements for the maintenance entity are complied with

Responsible inspectors are worth their weight in gold – for the train owner and repairman!