Projector for the trains of today and tomorrow

In 15 years we have gathered more than 400 years' train experience and we would like to share this! Project and concept development have always been an integral part of our DNA, then came the train aspects and later service and now also support. We take one step at a time, but are always in constant movement.


projector has experienced employees for the execution of renovation and maintenance tasks on train modules and components.

We have the skills and experience within mechanics, electronics and electricity. Typically, we perform cleaning, dismantling, renovation, surface treatment, fitting, testing, packaging and shipment. For special tasks such as engines and hydraulics, we used permanent partners with the correct specialist knowledge and experience.

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All our employees work in accordance with the company’s quality control ISO 9001, including EN15085/ISO 3834. We only work according to a production basis that is prepared and approved by our technical department, which likewise ensures that only qualified and trained employees are used in all processes of the task. Of course, we ensure that everything is documented and that the agreed documentation is passed on to the customer.

At projector, everyone is not an expert at everything, but everyone is an expert at something!