Projector for the trains of today and tomorrow

In 15 years we have gathered more than 400 years' train experience and we would like to share this! Project and concept development have always been an integral part of our DNA, then came the train aspects and later service and now also support. We take one step at a time, but are always in constant movement.

Case 1

SGM Mock-up

projector has carried out the construction of a 1:1 mock-up for a large renovation project of SGM trains for the Dutch railways. We had an essential role in connection with the renovation and design in the project itself where we were included as the link between the renovator, Bombadier and the customer, Nederlandse Spoorwegen (Dutch Railways). The project was about establishing a development environment with the starting point in a mock-up where we could make various set-ups for the interior and internal design in the train carriages. When the general lines were in place, following approval by and with the customer, the mock-up was completed and transported to Amsterdam where passengers could see, feel and touch a model of the renovated train set. Through the entire design and construction phase, relevant sub-contractors were invited, we received bids and recommended the choice of supplier. In the evaluation of the process, we found that there was a saving of 20% on sub-contracts.

Case 2

IC3 - IR4

projector is the result of a success! Ejler has carried on the working methods and experiences from the development of IC3 and IR4 “Flexlines”, which at the beginning of 1990 was ground breaking. In a relatively short time, a train concept was developed which continues to be a cornerstone in the development of European train sets. The principles were simple, module constructions as well as significant use of standard components. Weight was an element that characterised all constructions and were therefore simple, light and functional designs. Art was put on the walls, altogether something that was generated by taking the starting point in the customer. Our focus continues to be on design, development and manufacture of products with good functionality and simplicity. Moreover, we are experts in both developing and making up-to-date products that can have more than one function.

Case 3

Technical support

projector has a broad range of experience within railways and through this can provide sparring, consulting or be included in committee or board work. Our experience spans professional, business and political aspects, which can be used at the strategic level.